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Alaska Whale Sightings was started in 2009, in cooperation with Ocean Alaska Science Learning Center, North Gulf Oceanic Society, and local tour companies, in order to enhance the educational experience of whale watching passengers and contribute to research. 

Since individual Orca and Humpbacks can be identified by natural markings, we ask that you send in your ID photos.  We will try to identify the pods or individual whales, and post the confirmed sightings on this website.

     Send photos to:   whalesalaska@gmail.com

Useful ORCA ID photos show any nicks in the dorsal fin, or markings and scratches in the ‘saddle patch’ behind the dorsal fin, especially on the left side.  Also, photos that have multiple animals can show association.

Useful Humpback ID photos show the UNDERSIDE only of the tailflukes.

Include the name of the photographer, contact info, and a confirmation of the date and location.

Please remember that a research permit is necessary to approach whales closer than guidelines stipulate, but if you have a large lens, or get lucky, you may have photos that could be helpful, so please send them in!

Your photos will not be posted online, unless you request that we put them in the photo gallery.





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